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We are hoping that the “Rotary Runway Run" which is being held at Hamilton Airport, will capture a somewhat special atmosphere and become an outstanding annual event.  The event - which involves running or walking the length of the 2.2km runway - is now in its fourth year, and one which we hope will become increasingly popular with athletes and families year on year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download your own copy of our Frequently Asked Questions for the Rotary Runway Run.

Course Map

A copy of the course map can be downloaded from here.

Terms and Conditions

You can find a copy of our Terms and Conditions


Go Baby Go provides battery powered children’s electric cars to children between the ages of 2 to 7 years old with mental or physical disabilities and as a result suffer from limited mobility. 

These cars are modified to accommodate each child’s requirements and allow the child to be mobile, providing the ability to socialise with their peers. 

The charity is part of The Kiwi Kids Charity and it is entirely run by volunteers, relieing on donations to pay for cars and adaptations to operate. 

"It's just amazing to watch a little child that has traditionally just had to sit on the sidelines because they can't get involved, once you put them in a car, they're off and their faces are lit up, it's just awesome." 

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