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We are hoping that the “Rotary Runway Run" which is being held at Hamilton Airport, will capture a somewhat special atmosphere and become an outstanding annual event.  The event - which involves running or walking the length of the 2.2km runway - is now in its second year, and one which we hope will become increasingly popular with athletes and families year on year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download your own copy of our Frequently Asked Questions for the Rotary Runway Run.

Course Map

A copy of the course map can be downloaded from here.

Terms and Conditions

You can find a copy of our Terms and Conditions


Hospice Nepal

Hospice Nepal has been providing palliative care in a small eight-bed facility for nearly 20 years and is no longer adequate to house the growing service of approximately 150 – 200 patients each year.


Our vision is to build a new 24-bed hospice, which will have beds for adults and children, and a training centre for a wide range of healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals. 

Kids in Need Waikato

Kids in Need Waikato was founded in 2017 and is a registered Trust.

They supply care packs for children in foster care, to grandchildren being raised by grandparents, or any child being cared for by someone other than their biological parent.


These kids are often uplifted and placed into care with only the clothes they are wearing. Scared lonely and often feeling abandoned and unwanted caregivers take these kids because they want to help, because they have big hearts. Having a child turn up with a rubbish bag that holds their only belongings, or with nothing at all, is devastating.


Kids in Need Waikato believes it is important to help these children feel as normal, worthy and valued in having what other kids take for granted.


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